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QR Stopwatch

The simplest library system!
Keep track of items you lend with just one click. The fastest library system without data maintenance, preparation and typing. Scan or photograph to identify items or borrowers. The ingenious app does the rest.

Mind-blowing apps

With our apps we take QR codes to a new level. More apps will follow.

“We are convinced that QR codes are underestimated. The potential has not yet been recognized. With our apps we take QR codes to a new level, showing their mind-blowing possibilities – and all with the aim of simplifying work and ensuring efficient learning.”

Ursin Tanner – Project manager

QR Stopwatch

The simplest multiple chronometer!
Use this clever app for the timekeeping of several people, starting at different times. It works without a single click – just show it any QR code to start a new stopwatch!
Report working time.

Timekeeping of sports events.

Report the students’ work time for special tasks.

Time whatever you want.


Create multiple QR-codes online.

Just type in all names/items at once and get multiple QR-codes in a PDF. Print and save it. It simply could not be easier.

Each QR-code is embedded in a student ID card in a credit card size. These cards can be used for different apps and uses.

QR Counter

Count without a single click!
Count without a single click and without entering a single name!
The app counts how often a QR code is shown.
Count running laps of your class.

Count points of a game or quiz.

Count workflow steps. Each step has its own QR-code.

Count how often your students have done something.

Count whatever you want.


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